The Credit Protection Service SPC, SCPC, SPC Brazil, Serasa Experian are private non-profit entities that assist companies, banks and financial institutions in making the credit decision for a variety of purposes. In all these protection services, the delinquent consumer is able to make free credit consultations, but this service is only provided in person, different from what many people think, it is not possible to consult the CPF on the Internet , except in specific situations, such as when the agencies send the ” notice “of the name registration notice or the” debt negotiation “notice.

The pricinpais and more known credit protection services that we have in Brazil are the ones we listed in the paragraph below, check it out!

1) The SCP – ” Credit Protection Service ” or ” Bureau of Credit “, better known as SPC, is a credit information service, which uses data from defaulters and defaulters, both individuals and corporations with objective of aid in the credit decision;
2 -) SPC Brasi l – SPC Brasil is the information system of the Chambers of Shopkeepers (CDLs);
3 -) The CCF – Register of Issuers of Checks without Funds;
4 -) SCPC – Central Credit Protection Service, is a service provided by Boa Vista Serviços;
5 -) RENIC – National Business Information Network;
6 -) SERASA Experian – Serasa Union and Experian became Serasa Experian , one of the largest credit bureaus in the world and holder of the largest database in Latin America related to consumers, private companies and economic groups.

Complete consultation with the SPC – “Free Credit Protection Service” is not possible. Making “consultation with credit protection services free of charge over the Internet” is not possible either. Those who wish to carry out credit inquiries must go in person or by attorney in the physical stores of the organ and make the request.

Why consult protection services


Why consult protection services

Consultation with the credit protection service is solely for the verification of credit restrictions and debts in the name of a citizen. The person who wants the consultation usually wants to know if his name is dirty, how much he owes, where he owes, how long the debt is active and when it will win.

I can even say that most people who want to consult the protection services want this information to know exclusively when the debt will expire, it is worth remembering that the debt never expires, who lapses is the inscription in the credit protection services. Overcoming the deadline the creditors can no longer send the debt application, but can make the necessary collections to recover the unpaid money.

Another way to consult the protection services is with the help of many sites to consult the SPC and Serasa with prepaid small amounts to access the system, in general these sites are accredited by Serasa Experian and SPC . The easiest and fastest way to know if the name is in trouble is to access SPC Brasil, SPC and Serasa Experian by purchasing credit for consultation .