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Pde » Credit Access » Credit Score – Clean Name But Can not Borrow?

Credit Score? Serasa decided to collaborate by releasing the credit score for Brazilian citizens as well as in other countries. Before, everyone was watching ships because they did not know why they could not get credit, loans or personal loans, and you who are not under your dirty name, and currently do not owe anything to any institution, have paid their bills on the right day, but even so you are having difficulty when you are going to borrow money or have been financing the purchase of something of value or were denied when you applied for a credit card.

There are several factors that are impeding, however, it has seemed obvious that this probably happens because you have a “low score” or “low score”, but this can negatively contribute to obtaining credit, the legal thing is to know that this can be reversed and you can manage to increase the Score gradually, but it takes time.

Serasa, SPC Brasil and SCPC Boa Vista are currently companies that have access to credit databases throughout Brazil, and they assign a score to the consumer that we call Score. This score ranges from zero to one thousand points. The higher the score, the lower the risk of the consumer refusing to meet their financial obligations, ie giving default on the bank or credit institution. So, you have come to understand that the higher the score the more credit and more money released through personal loans or financing of all kinds. See also ➜ Credit History, Credit Score, and Credit Score.

Here’s the rating:

  • up to 300 points : high risk of default
  • between 301 and 700 points : average default risk
  • above 701 points : low risk of default

Free name

Free name

The good news as I said in the paragraph above is that before you had no way to know the note, but now the consumer already has how to know which note in your CPF. This Wednesday, May 5, Serasa Experian launched a great free service to know 100% and follow the score monthly. The consultation at Serasa can be made through the website To access it is necessary to inform the CPF number, name, date of birth, routine things, you will have to create a username and password – everything is very easy to do.


How to improve your credit score?


How to improve your credit score?


According to Serasa, the credit score depends on a grouping of factors , among them the payment of current accounts, the history of debts that have been denied, the financial relationship with supplier companies and also have the cadastral data updated in the organ of protection.

” Want to improve your score or score? For this the consumer must first clear his name of the spc and serasa, he must be with the accounts in day and must keep his cadastral data updated. “

Few know or are registered in the positive register , this is another possibility to improve the score, the positive register points to a list of good payers. The lists provide information on debt repayments, such as real estate and car financing, and can be accessed by financial institutions and credit granting stores. The idea is to help assess whether the consumer is a good payer. Currently, the consumer himself has to declare that he is willing to put his bank information in that register.

1- Try to get rid of the good debts left out or forgotten, many make the debt a running track and try to beat their own record of how long will be left unpaid. If you are planning a big purchase like a house or a car, you need to put together a payment scheme for your past due debts.

One of the biggest ingredients to having a good credit score is to simply make all the payments month after month by day. Another tip that can help is you whenever you can, save some money to make your purchases smart.

Serasa’s methodology to increase punctuation



It is worth remembering that the weight taken into account are mainly all information that the Serasa Score needs to define the note according to a behavioral study based on the history of groups of people that are not identifiable. These groups of persons or individuals are made up of persons having equivalent or similar financial characteristics.

So we can understand that, everything is done statistically, Serasa compares all observed results of both a specific consumer with others from the same group and thus does the calculation of the score. So now it has become easier to understand the credit negatives in the financial market, in possession of this, you have to start the work of building credit scores that favor your finances.


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Personal Loans in Houston – Up to $ 100,000 From 4.99% 1 Day Sun, 02 Jun 2019 10:49:11 +0000



With more than 2.3 million people, Houston is the most populous city in the state of Texas. And of the total of that population close to 44% are Latino. Many of which are looking to apply for a personal loan. So if you are looking for financial help there are several lenders who are willing to give you personal loans in Houston.

The following list mentions some of the most common options with which you could solve any problem by applying to one of our lenders:

  • Miscellaneous expenses
  • Debt consolidation
  • Cars
  • Family emergency
  • Investment for business
  • Travels
  • Refinance Credit Cards
  • Establish and Improve Credit
  • And more…

Personal loans in Houston can be from $ 100 to $ 100,000 usually, from a 4.99% interest if you request it from the Puss in Boots web platform. The current term will depend on certain factors such as credit history and the use of personal loans.

What do I need to apply for personal loans in Houston?

What do I need to apply for personal loans in Houston?


The most important requirements requested by our lenders are:

  • Be over 21 years of age.
  • Count on work or a source of income.
  • Be a citizen or American resident. (social Security)
  • Bank account to deposit.

If you have these basic requirements, you can apply without obligation.

Puss in Boots lenders will ask you to share your personal information in online applications or forms. Example, your social security number and bank account number. In that sense the process should not take more than 10 minutes to complete.

Personal Loans in Houston, Texas According to Your Credit History


When looking to apply for personal loans in Houston, Texas it is very important to know your credit score, your level of debt but even more important your credit history. This is because the lenders evaluate a series of factors at the same time to be able to give you some amount.

So there are some lenders that do not evaluate the credit (especially personal loans with bad credit) we leave the 5 factors that affect your credit score and how to improve them.

That is why we share an average of the terms of personal credits according to your credit score below:

Excellent credit: It makes reference between 670 to 870. You have access to the best terms of personal loans in Nevada and throughout the United States, from $ 100 to $ 100,000 with interest ranging from 4.99% with terms of 3-72 months. Applies to loans for people with excellent credit.

Good credit: It makes reference between 580 to 669. With this score you can access good terms and the difference is the amount you can access, according to our experience you can apply to personal loans of up to $ 50,000 with terms of 3-72 months. Applies to loans for people with good credit.

Bad credit: It makes reference between 350 to 579. With this score it is difficult to access a loan with low interest since for the lenders there is too much risk that you can not pay back. However, it is still possible to get loans up to $ 5,000 and terms from 2 weeks to 24 months. Applies to loans for people with bad credit.

How to Apply for Personal Loans in Houston

How to Apply for Personal Loans in Houston

Currently, most processes can be done online and applying to personal loans in Houston is now easier. From your cell phone if you want, you just have to enter the Puss in Boots website, where you will find options for all types of loans with more than 100 lenders. Also, I could call you an advisor to assist you while you fill out the applications.

Steps to follow to apply:

  • Enter Puss in Boots: Choose and complete the applications you want and thus compare several options.
  • Check the terms and conditions: The information of each application completed is sent to your email. Name of the lender, address, amount and conditions in general.
  • If approved by a lender : If you are approved with some amount. Usually the lender will call you and give you the option to deposit the approved amount to your bank account.

Some Bank Options for Personal Loans in Houston, Texas:


  1. Amegy Bank National Association
  2. Franklin Bank, SSB
  3. Sterling Bank
  4. MetroBank, National Association
  5. Patriot Bank


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Consult Credit Protection Service Wed, 17 Apr 2019 13:21:02 +0000


 The Credit Protection Service SPC, SCPC, SPC Brazil, Serasa Experian are private non-profit entities that assist companies, banks and financial institutions in making the credit decision for a variety of purposes. In all these protection services, the delinquent consumer is able to make free credit consultations, but this service is only provided in person, different from what many people think, it is not possible to consult the CPF on the Internet , except in specific situations, such as when the agencies send the ” notice “of the name registration notice or the” debt negotiation “notice.

The pricinpais and more known credit protection services that we have in Brazil are the ones we listed in the paragraph below, check it out!

1) The SCP – ” Credit Protection Service ” or ” Bureau of Credit “, better known as SPC, is a credit information service, which uses data from defaulters and defaulters, both individuals and corporations with objective of aid in the credit decision;
2 -) SPC Brasi l – SPC Brasil is the information system of the Chambers of Shopkeepers (CDLs);
3 -) The CCF – Register of Issuers of Checks without Funds;
4 -) SCPC – Central Credit Protection Service, is a service provided by Boa Vista Serviços;
5 -) RENIC – National Business Information Network;
6 -) SERASA Experian – Serasa Union and Experian became Serasa Experian , one of the largest credit bureaus in the world and holder of the largest database in Latin America related to consumers, private companies and economic groups.

Complete consultation with the SPC – “Free Credit Protection Service” is not possible. Making “consultation with credit protection services free of charge over the Internet” is not possible either. Those who wish to carry out credit inquiries must go in person or by attorney in the physical stores of the organ and make the request.

Why consult protection services


Why consult protection services

Consultation with the credit protection service is solely for the verification of credit restrictions and debts in the name of a citizen. The person who wants the consultation usually wants to know if his name is dirty, how much he owes, where he owes, how long the debt is active and when it will win.

I can even say that most people who want to consult the protection services want this information to know exclusively when the debt will expire, it is worth remembering that the debt never expires, who lapses is the inscription in the credit protection services. Overcoming the deadline the creditors can no longer send the debt application, but can make the necessary collections to recover the unpaid money.

Another way to consult the protection services is with the help of many sites to consult the SPC and Serasa with prepaid small amounts to access the system, in general these sites are accredited by Serasa Experian and SPC . The easiest and fastest way to know if the name is in trouble is to access SPC Brasil, SPC and Serasa Experian by purchasing credit for consultation .


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Loan for Motorcycles Tue, 09 Apr 2019 09:58:08 +0000 Motorcycle loan: the ideal solution for a special purchase

Motorcycle loan: the ideal solution for a special purchase

Motorbikes are your passion but don’t want to face an immediate expense? No problem, to realize your two-wheeled dream, all you have to do is request a   motorcycle loan . This form of financing offers you in fact the possibility to pay in installments the payment of the motorbike in a period of your choice with facilitated interest rates and personalized repayment plans .

Thanks to this solution, therefore, you will not need to anticipate the money necessary for the purchase of your new bike and you will also be able to cover the additional costs for registration and insurance.


What types of motorcycle loans can you choose?

What types of motorcycle loans can you choose?

Financing for the purchase of motorcycles and mopeds can be granted in two different forms. The most widespread is undoubtedly that of personal loan, or a type of credit that is paid in the form of liquidity directly to the applicant. Alternatively, it is possible to opt for a finalized loan , the amount of which is instead destined to the retailer to guarantee the purchase made by the applicant.

Although both solutions allow you to complete the purchase with a repayment in installments, they differ substantially. The finalized loan is in fact linked to the purchase of a specific asset at a specific retailer, while the personal loan allows you to spend the sum received as and where you want, without any kind of restrictions.


What do you need to get a motorcycle loan?

What do you need to get a motorcycle loan?

Like any form of financing, even the granting of a loan for the purchase of a motorcycle is subject to certain special conditions.

To get it, you will need to be between the ages of 18 and 75, hold a bank account and have a demonstrable income that is adequate for the amount you wish to request.


Why choose the motorcycle loan

motorcycle loans

Realize your desires on two wheels with a  motorcycle loan, the loan that allows you to buy the motorcycle you’ve always dreamed of in small monthly installments at a fixed and subsidized rate. Our innovative credit system also allows us to guarantee the absence of intermediaries and hidden costs; furthermore we are able to provide you with a definitive answer within 24 hours of sending your request.  

We can therefore free you from the bureaucratic delays that often accompany the requests for financing and offer you the possibility of obtaining a fair, transparent and fast loan.

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Payment of Credit Card Debts Thu, 04 Apr 2019 09:41:06 +0000


Payment of debts of IPVA, IPTU , credit cards, car installments, insurance and children’s enrollment and school material etc. Where is the money to pay all these debts? How much does the year begin, after we go out with the “Christmas Parties” and “New Year’s Eve”, it’s time to sit down and do the bills for the cards, the credit limit and overdraft and also all the expenses that arrive along with the “New Year”.

I consider the IPTU and the IPVA with the final plates 1,2,3 and 4, the debts of we should pay more attention and then the registration and school material of the heirs and heirs, then credit card and so on. The most important thing before making the payments is to make the accounts of everything that will be paid in cash and which can be parceled out, if this strategy is more advantageous.

Money to pay off debts

It is worth remembering that regardless of your economic situation, some debts have to be paid, taxes are this kind of expense, if you are debt free, you are tight, indebted or do not know what to do with so much debt, dirty name, will have to pay taxes anyway, there is no way.

“To get started, get a spreadsheet or paper and pencil and write down everything that is debt and everything that will be debt, to know what should be paid with priority.” It is worth remembering that there is no problem in getting a loan to pay IPVA and IPTU. 

For non-indebted


For people who do not have problems with debt repayment, that is, they are not indebted to financial commitments that compress the monthly income and still manage to save a certain amount per month as an emergency fund, they usually pay their bills on time and prefer to pay cash to have discounts instead of installments, then this tip could not be otherwise, pay IPVA and IPTU taxes in cash.

The discount in São Paulo is 3% for IPVA, it’s no big deal, more help, the discount for IPTU is 6% for those who pay cash. Just to not forget that every year we have an increase in the value of the IPTU of SP. In other regions of the country the discount varies more or less.

For Debtors



People who are indebted, that is, who had problems with payment of debts, the most correct is to pay in installments both the IPVA and Compulsory Personal Injury Insurance caused by Land Vehicle Vehicles (DPVAT), and the IPTU, of course it depends on the state that the citizen resides, may even be worth paying in cash.

In any case, there are other debts and extra expenses, perhaps making a debt repayment loan is a good alternative, especially if the loan interest is reduced, between 0.80% and 3.5%, the payroll loan is a modality of low rate credit. The credit limit on some banks are being reduced as well, the tip is to take advantage of the loan promotions related to pay-to-pay portability.

Research on your own, usually institutions possess a plethora of credit lines and good loans for all tastes and pockets, in addition depending on your relationship, the interest rates can be perfectly negotiated. “Making a loan to pay off debts” of credit card bills is valid, currently interest on invoices added to charges and fines, can easily reach 19% per year.

Paying off debts


Paying off debts


With the loan money pay the total amount of the card’s invoice, the rest of the debts, if any, IPVA gives a discount of only 3% for cash payment, for those who are in debt is not an advantage, school enrollment can also be parceled out, as for school materials, join with more Parents and make the purchases collectively, in wholesale stores is better. Search before of course.

You could not get a bank loan, financial loan or online credit platform, talk to some friends and family about your situation, propose a repayment plan for a short term loan, you suddenly get the “money you need without bureaucracy”, just do not forget to pay it right not to lose the friendship.


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How To Get Rid Of Debts Overdraft And Save Sun, 31 Mar 2019 14:01:17 +0000

You have lost control of the bank account and now you are thinking how to get rid of the overdraft debts? Well … many people think that overdraft is a practical credit service because it is available in the bank account and then ends up using it and winding up financially due to his high interest rates.

And the problem starts when you get your money, covers the negative balance of the overdraft, but you run out of money again. So starting a vicious circle can ruin your financial life in no time.

But, we’re here to help you not get through this situation, or, whether you’re already having this problem to get out of it and get back on track with your bank balance.

Stay with us and check out the tips we have prepared for you to get out of the overdraft once and for all and learn to save money!

Beware of the overdraft trap

Beware of the overdraft trap

Banks know that unforeseen financial events happen all the time. That’s why they release the overdraft for their customers. You may believe that your bank is worried about you and wants to be legal.

But in fact, by making the overdraft, the bank’s purpose is to make a profit. And in the case of overdraft, the interest rate can reach 15% per month.

To get an idea, suppose you use $ 900 of the overdraft for 30 days. At a rate of 14% per month, you would pay R $ 126.00 for this loan plus accruals.

For those who are already in a delicate situation, having to shell out more money is not a good choice. Although overdraft seems to be the only way out, you may want to look for cheaper lines of credit.

How does the overdraft work?

Have you ever loaned anything to anyone without being sure of the return? Certainly. When the customer uses the overdraft, he does not offer any guarantee to the bank.

Interest is high because it is the only way for the bank to recover some loss. To better understand what happens when you use credit, let’s go deeper into how the overdraft works:

  • Calculation of interest: interest on overdraft is calculated using compound interest (interest on interest). For this reason, debt grows rapidly and you do not know how to get rid of debt.
  • IOF: the Tax on Financial Operations (IOF) has monthly payment, but its rate (rate) is daily (0.38% + 0.0082% per day).
  • Payment: The collection of the interest of the overdraft + IOF is monthly. The bank informs the date that the debit will occur in the current account statement.
  • Limit: The overdraft limit is made available according to the customer’s profile. The threshold value may increase over time.
  • Non-compulsory: Overdraft is a non-compulsory credit service. The bank may refuse to offer the service. The customer can cancel the overdraft.
  • Total balance: The total balance of your bank account appears with the overdraft limit and causes the false sense that you have more money.
  • 10 days free: Some banks offer a 10 day “free” check, but if you cover the balance on the 11th day, you pay interest for 11 days of use.

How to get rid of debt overdraft?

If you want to get rid of overdraft debt, do not just count on the money that will fall into your account. You may even be able to keep a positive balance temporarily, but if it is not enough for your budget, you will need to use the overdraft.

To exit the overdraft definitely, choose one of the following alternatives:

1) Parcel overdraft (negotiation)


To get out of the overdraft debt, you can request the installment of the negative balance, ie a debt negotiation. If you choose to pay the overdraft, the bank will temporarily suspend the service.

This means that, for a while, you will not be able to count on the overdraft, until you clear all the installments. After that, there is little chance of recovering the same limit.

Pros : It’s a way to educate yourself financially, because you will have to comply with the agreement and will not be able to rely on the bank’s money – not in the overdraft mode. You will also be able to see your true bank balance more clearly and have to control your spending better.

Cons : Splitting the overdraft can double the amount of your debt. This is because, in fact, the bank “lends” more money to cover the negative balance. In installment, the credit service is suspended and may even be canceled. If there is an unforeseen event, noncompliance with the agreement may worsen the situation.

2) Pay the overdraft


Paying the cash overdraft is the best way to get rid of debt. But in addition to covering the negative balance and paying the overdraft interest, you need to have more money to not use the service again.

You can apply for a personal loan, which has lower interest than the overdraft. It’s the simplest way to get out of overdraft, without tightening your budget.

Pros : When applying for a personal loan to pay off the overdraft, you choose to exchange the expensive debt for a cheaper one. Compare overdraft and personal loan interest rates . You will be able to cover the negative balance, pay interest on using the overdraft and still leave the balance of your account super positive.

Cons : There is no downside to paying off the overdraft debt because you choose to get away from the high interest overdraft. You can take the time to cancel the service and not run the risk of falling into the trap of overdraft. You will also need to save more from now on.

Special check: how not to borrow more

You can even stay with this credit service if you wish, but to avoid overdrawing with the overdraft, save and save money for emergency situations.

Create a goal and grow as you can. To make it easier, sign up for automatic transfer of a certain amount to your savings account, on the date of your salary payment. So you do not run the risk of not being able to save money.

This is the only way to no longer need a overdraft: creating a financial reserve. And if you need more money, consider a personal loan, with installments that fit in your pocket and do not weigh in your budget.

How to save money?

Cutting or cutting expenses to save money is not an easy task. But to organize the accounts and get out of debt , economics and discipline are the keywords.

If you’re still not sure, check out 9 reasons to keep spending up . Good Credit knows the need to keep your pocket balanced: see a list of 100 days to save you money .

Also check out 70 practical tips for making money . And to keep up with personal finances, learn how to track your debt .

And you already know, if you need help, count on Good Credit. We want to be present at every stage of your life.


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Secured Loan Sun, 17 Mar 2019 13:27:43 +0000


Consigned CEF is for people who want a fast, secure, long-term credit with the ease of the discount sheet. This Caixa solution can be very useful also for those looking for a low-interest and no-bureaucratic operation.

At CEF, the consignment loan is a credit line created exclusively for employees of private companies and civil servants of various spheres. The collection of the loan installments is carried out through an agreement for recording the salary or the client’s check.

With the CEF, in the companies or public agencies where the client works to have an agreement, the request is easy, with just some personal information it is possible to obtain a “payroll loan simulation” intended in any agency of CAIXA.

What does it take to take out the CEF payroll loan? Be an employee or server of a public or private company with an agreement for payroll assignment with CEF.

How to acquire the CEF payroll? The first step is to find out if there is a free assignable margin, this done, the service provided in this type of credit, is fast, practical and personalized. The CEF sends the contract for formalization of the operation until the applicant to be signed and also collects the necessary documents, which are: RG – Identity Card, CPF, Proof of Residency updated and Proof of Income.

The CEF payroll loan (Caixa Econômica Federal) is a credit line also intended for those who are beneficiaries of the INSS (retired or pensioner). Even if you do not have a checking account at Caixa, the interested customer can benefit from all the conditions and advantages offered by this modality (Payroll).

It is worth mentioning that the installments of the CEF payroll loan are deducted monthly, the amount does not change during the plan, that is, they are equal and successive until the end of the contract.

For INSS policyholders, retirees and pensioners who want the CEF loan on assignment, the first step is to verify if the type of benefit is allowed as per the MPAS relationship that accepts the institution’s approval to discount the installments, following the guidelines of the current legislation.

In the branches of the Caixa Econômica Federal – CEF, the interested party in this type of credit can obtain all the necessary information to make the request, if you already have the documentation ready, just agree to the terms and sign the payroll agreement to leave with money in the hand. Access the website: for more details on the CEF payroll loan.

For whom is the payday loan Caixa?


For whom is the payday loan Caixa?


The payroll of Caixa Econômica Federal (CEF) is available to:

  • INSS retirees and pensioners
  • Officials of public companies
  • Employees of private companies

It is also available to companies, especially those that are contracted with Caixa Econômica Federal, to know if you have access, most advisable, contact your company’s HR directly or call 0800-726-0101.

The advantages of the CEF payroll loan is that it is not “necessarily or necessarily” to have an account with the bank or to be an account holder to obtain this type of credit, except for certain segments such as the police officers of São Paulo.

CEF Consolidated Loan

It is worth remembering that if you do not work with a “signed portfolio” or are unemployed, there is no legal possibility of obtaining the payroll or other line of credit that has this requirement. CEF has several other types of loans and loans, if you are having difficulty applying for a loan at your bank try Caixa, or there are several other financial institutions that facilitate access to the online loan application, do not forget to observe the applied interest rates.

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